Jinbei (Japanese traditional summer casual wear)

A Samue or Jinbei is a clothing style derived from the Japanese Kimono and worn by men for relaxing or working.
These clothes are rarely seen in normal life, but they are often seen at summer festivals and professional workplace.


Most of these clothes are made from cotton. But it depends on the season.

Generally, Jinbei is considered to be worn in summer to feel cooler.
On the other hand, Samue is worn in all seasons.

So, cotten or hemp/linen cloth are used as Jinbei or Samue for the summer season.


Jinbei is a short sleeve jacket and half-length pants.

Samue is a long sleeve jacket and long length pants.

※When you are wearing a yukata, it is necessary to tie an obi(belt)

Pattern of the fabric

There are many patterns like these simple ones or like kimonos.