Japanese Rice

Do you know how many rice there are in the world ?

Rice can be classified mainly into three types.

  1. Japonica rice
  2. Indica rice
  3. Javanica rice

Nevertheless, there are estimated to be more than 100,000 types worldwide.

In Japan, Japanese people like to eat Japonica rice because of its features.
Because the rice tastes still good even if its cold for used of sushi or bento.

You can choose the brands from many selections.

Koshihikari : There are both breed and Brand Name. Recently, this breed is cultivated in
California,USA as well. Rice with strong tenacity
Akita Komachi : This is derived from Koshihikari and is cultivated in Akita Prefecture.
Sasanishiki : This is a breed and brand. Sushi restaurant prefers this.
Hitomebore : Sasanishiki and Hitomebore are cultivated in Miyagi Prefecture.
Kinuhikari : This rice is not so strong tenacity compared with Koshikari. Good for Sushi.
Hinohikari : This breed is derived from Koshihikari and borned in Miyazaki prefecture.
Tsuyahime : This breed was borned in Yamagata prefecture as well as Koshikari.
Yumepirika : This breed was borned in Hokkaido and this is the rice with very strong tenacity.

Kinds of eating method

White Rice :
“Most popular eating method”
White rice is brown rice that has been polished to remove the bran
and germ makes it easier to eat.

Brown Rice :
It is rice that has been hulled to remove the chaff. The fact that it contains rice bran makes it highly nutritious and high in dietary fiber, making it popular among health-conscious households.

Mochi Rice :
This sticky rice is used for rice cakes, sekihan(red bean rice) and steamed rice.