We, as Japanese really love ramen. There are thousands of ramen shops throughout Japan and many regional ramen which are born locally.
Listed below are just a few of the regional ramen options.

The name of a region is expressed by the xxx of [xxxx] Ramen.
As an example, Sano Ramen is named after the area where it is served.

Region : Hokkaido

Sapporo Ramen
Feature : The ramen noodles are served in a chicken and pig bones based broth flavored with miso.

Asahikawa Ramen
Feature : The ramen soup is based on pork and seafood with soy sauce flavoring.

Hakodate Ramen
Feature : The ramen is in the salty soup made by pork, seafood, vegetables.

Kitakata Ramen
Feature : Pig bones based on soy sauce flavor soup.  
Roasted pork comes with as a topping

Region : Tohoku

Akayu Ramen
Feature : Miso soup comes with spicy miso on top. 

Sakata Ramen
Feature : The soup is pig bone, chicken, dried bonito, kelp based soy sauce flavor. Roasted pork and Japanese leek come with soup.

Jumonji Ramen
Feature: The soup is dried sardines and dried bonito based on soy sauce flavor.

Shirakawa Ramen
Feature : Pig bones, Chicken based soy sauce flavor soup with roasted pork, Nori seaweed, Spinach as topping.

Sendai Ramen
Feature : There are several soup flavors in this area and here is a Ramen battlefield. Originally, miso from Sendai is well known as a local product.

Tsugaru Ramen
Feature : There are 2 trends in the soup stock. One is a clear soup with dried sardines based, and another soup is rich in taste with variety of seafood. 

Iso Ramen
Feature : This ramen is served from the Sanriku Coastal area in Iwate prefecture to Hachinohe in Aomori prefecture.
The soup is made from kelp, dried bonito and based on a clear salty flavor. Squid, shrimp, and scallops are used as ingredients.  

Region : Kanto

Sano Ramen
Feature : The soup is pig bones, chicken based with a clear soy sauce flavor.

Tokyo Ramen
Feature : Tokyo ramen is the prototype of a soy sauce-flavored soup and represents its flavor.

Katsuura Tantan Noodle
Feature : Soy sauce flavored soup with spicy oil.
This ramen was established as a menu for warming up the cold bodies of fishermans after their work. The Katsuura style Tantan noodles are different from the original ones. The common Tantan noodle soup uses a sesame paste sauce. However, Katsuura Tantan
doesn’t use them for soup.

Hachioji Ramen
Feature: The soup is mainly chicken-based with a soy sauce flavor. Chopped onion as a topping is the difference from other Ramen. 

Region : Kyushu

Hakata Ramen
Feature : There are many family lines.
Family line means the group of a certain shop.
Basically, it is provided in Fukuoka City and its suburbs within Fukuoka Prefecture.
It features pork bone-based soup.

Kumamoto Ramen
Feature : It features chicken and pork bone-based soup.
Fried garlic chips are used as toppings.  Taste is milder than Hakata Ramen. 

Kagoshima Ramen
Feature : This is the origin of the pork-bone based soup which is different from Kurume Ramen.

Kurume Ramen
Feature : This is the origin of the cloudy pork-bone based soup.