Fresh (raw) Miso

Difference between Miso and Fresh (raw) Miso

Fresh (raw) miso is made without any additives or heating during the manufacturing process.
In the case of cheese, the difference is about the same as the difference between natural cheese and processed cheese. In the case of juice, the difference between freshly squeezed fruit juice and canned fruit juice is about the same.

Fresh (raw) miso is an ingredient that comes from a symbiotic relationship with nature, such as temperature and humidity, not from human convenience. It takes a lot of time and effort.
And also, It is a precious miso that cannot be mass-produced.

Therefore, it cannot be mass-produced and it can only be made in a small workshop.

Most commercially available miso products are subject to fermentation during the distribution process, which inevitably takes time, and this causes swelling of the packaging, changes in color, and changes in taste.

(1) Heat sterilize the finished miso to stop fermentation.
(2) Add alcohol (sake spirits) to weaken the yeast.

Many miso products are taking measures to prevent them, like above the methods.