The only miso factory in Tokyo

We have just started to work as partners with Kojiya Saburoemon, this excellent miso company from Tokyo.

Our company, MY Ho’okipa LLC, will be responsible for handling all deals between this miso company and you. Furthermore, we will propose the best methods of sending from Tokyo to your location.

Typical Miso

Brand name: Suzushiro no Sato

Type: Rice miso
Taste: Medium spicy light colored miso
Ingredients: Rice koji, domestic soybeans, sun-dried salt, 100% domestic rice
*As it is “naturally brewed without additives”, we recommend storing in the fridge, avoiding high temperatures and humidity.

“Refreshing medium-spicy light-colored miso”

The main characteristic of this miso is that it has a light color, white miso, and a refreshing taste, but it is a medium spicy miso with a strong salty and umami flavor. It is aged for 3 to 6 months, which is shorter than red miso, so it has a very refreshing flavor and texture that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and genders.

In addition, it is the only miso selected for Nerima’s recommended product collection “Nerikore”.
*Nerima : This is the name of the administrative district where Kojiya Saburoemon’s factory is located.

It goes well with miso soup, of course, and also with a hot pot! The miso hot pot made with this miso is exquisite.

Brand Name: Kyo no Sato

Type : White rice miso
Flavor : Medium spicy red miso
Ingredients: White rice koji, domestic soybeans, Hakata salt and 100% domestic rice.
*As it is ”naturally brewed without additives”, we recommend storing it in the refrigerator, avoiding high temperatures and humidity.

“THE Tokyo Miso” has a luxurious richness and flavor made with 20% more koji.”

Carefully selected domestic large-grain soybeans are mixed with Koujiya Saburoemon’s signature white rice koji at a ratio of 10:12 instead of the usual 10:10, and the salt is also carefully selected to be “Hakata Salt”, making this a luxurious dish. That’s miso.

Because of this, it has the charm of allowing you to experience the sweetness and aroma of koji. As red miso is aged for 10 months to 1 year, it has added richness and umami, resulting in a masterpiece that is rich in flavor and sweetness, unlike other misos. Of course, the miso soup is exquisite!

You can eat it raw with vegetables, or use it as a secret ingredient in dishes.

Please refer to Hakata salt story at their website:

Process of making Miso

You can refer the factory’s website ( but in Japanese) with many photos:

Message from the president of Kojiya Saburoemon

Kojiya Saburoemon was founded in Ibaraki Prefecture in the 10th Tenpo (Era) and has had a miso warehouse in Nakamura, Nerima-ku, Tokyo since 1939, the only miso warehouse in Tokyo. It is now in its seventh generation and we produce miso from koji, the lifeblood of miso.
While the production of miso has become more efficient over time, our miso brewery has not followed the trends of the times and continues to make miso by hand.

All our products are made from domestic ingredients, and they are safe and delicious.

We use Domestic raw ingredients

  • Koji

Grains such as white rice, brown rice and barley are carefully selected according to the time period and type of miso. We also use additive-free koji bacteria and use Kojiya Saburoemon’s traditional original formula to create a unique product that cannot be made anywhere else.

(What’s the Koji?)
Koji – mould grown on rice, barley, beans, etc. as a starter to make sake, miso, soy sauce, etc. (mold); malted rice; malt

  • Soy Beans

We use only domestic, non-GM soybeans, including organic soybeans.
The variety is selected according to the type of miso, and we use the best large round soybeans in season.

  • Salt

We stick to domestically produced or processed “Highly concentrated and moderately-tasting salt”. (We call this as Shionare) And, we use this salt according to the type of miso we are using.

(What’s the Shionare?)
Shionare – Even though the concentration of salt is the same, the taste of salt is reduced.

  • Water

We use groundwater pumped from a well on the brewery site.

[Safety and security]

Under the motto “Producing food that we can eat safely and with peace of mind,
For everyone’s health, we use only soybeans, malt, salt and water in all our products”.

Our commitment to this has been recognized by the independent organization “Shokuno Sanjumaru”

Shokuno Sanjumaru – This is an activity aimed at recommending and promoting to society high quality products that meet the strict criteria set by an independent body as “Food Triple Round Certified Products”. This activity is a social contribution (public service), not aimed at profit, carried out by the Zaiga Technical Research Institute with the main objectives of improving self-sufficiency in domestic agricultural products, reducing environmental impact and ensuring food safety and security.

Logo of “Food Triple Round Certified Products”

Halal Logo


Once you taste it, you will know the difference.

Our commitment to taste is “handmade” and only human hands can create what people find truly delicious. And the appeal of handmade products is that they not only taste good, but that the creator has put his or her heart and soul into them. As a result, almost everything from production to bagging is still done by hand.

And, what is the Tokyo miso “Mukashi-miso” that Kojiya Saburoemon continues to produce in Tokyo Nerima?

It is a “living miso”, made by hand from malted rice “with great care and attention” using traditional, time-honored manual methods.

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