We have obtained a wholesale liquor license for export.

We are pleased to announce that on June 11th it became officially possible to export excellent Japanese sake 🍶. 

After consulting with the tax office before applying, we were finally able to obtain an export liquor license. We took a course on liquor licenses, which is not actually required since we are not a retailer, before we applied, and even after we applied we had to ask about how to fill out forms, missing documents, and so on. Including the training, it probably took us more than six months.

While waiting for the license, we visited a brewery in Chiba, learned how to make sake, and studied the products. Through these visits, we also became more aware of the brewers’ thoughts, which made us even more eager to promote this delicious sake abroad.

We also began researching the best way to transport sake to those overseas who are waiting for it. From now on, in addition to food and daily necessities, we will be introducing a wide variety of sake, which we hope you will look forward to.

In the future, we hope to visit producers and manufacturers of rice, tea, and other quality products to introduce you to more of them.

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