Origin of company name

MY Ho’okipa (read MY Ho’okipa), M and Y are the names of the founders. Ho’okipa means ‘hospitality’ in Hawaiian and the name reflects our desire to bring business opportunities to companies around the world by combining the experience and skills of M and Y with a spirit of hospitality.

The bird in the logo is meant to symbolize ‘wishing for world peace through business’. We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

Profile of the founders

Marin Rei

Marin is a master of hospitality. As soon as she started working, she started working in the tourism industry at a resort hotel overseas. She has demonstrated her talent without regret for her meticulous care and behaviour that Japanese people have long possessed. In the aviation industry, as a flight attendant for a European airline, she served customers with the “Omotenashi Spirit”. She has often received words of appreciation from customers through her company. She is still young, but she is showing her talent in management.

Yuichi Sakamaki

Yuichi began his career as a government employee. However, his curiosity and desire to run his own business led him to the IT industry to gain experience. He then entered the life and non-life insurance industry, using his knowledge from his time as a civil servant to gain experience in both insurance agency and IT. He has also set up his own business overseas.

Our vision and mission

Recently, Japanese culture and customs have attracted attention overseas.

Our company will not develop our own products, but will promote Japanese companies’ traditional technologies and services, as well as the soft aspects of Japanese customs and traditions. We will also expand and develop Japanese hospitality overseas.

In other words, this is a project called the “Giving Back Project.” We have received a lot of “Omotenashi (Hospitality)” through the products and services of various companies in Japan, where we were born and raised. We sincerely hope that this project will create a better mutual market environment between Japan and other countries. We also hope Japanese technology and services will be recognized more than ever. The Japanese economy will grow as a result of this.

Office-less and paperless

One of our founders, Yuichi, has been proposing paperless office work to local companies for over 20 years.

We are completely office-less and paperless. Open your laptop and there you are at work. Although there is a drawback that it is difficult to know the boundary between on and off duty, we believe this is a greater advantage than that.

We are based in Japan but also overseas, but we do not need to spend a lot of money to set up an office. We hope to pass the savings on to our clients in service fees.

We understand that this may be inconvenient for some customers, but we appreciate your understanding.